In the moment.

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In the moment.

People like people who are fun, and fun is in the moment. Kids live in the moment, and look at how much fun they have. In the moment means being able to put aside chores, phones, computers, responsibilities and thoughts past and future. It is about what is happening now. In the moment is good sex, the thrill of your first base hit or basket or goal, your first kiss, the day you fell in love, movies and popcorn, connecting with someone. In the moment you feel what is around you, like textures and emotions. You have time to see people’s facial expressions and physical actions. You have time to empathize and to laugh. A study found that 73% of women are attracted to a man with a sense of humor. Humor is in the present.

Decide that you are not in a hurry. Breathe-in deeply, and on the exhale pay attention to your surroundings. Smell, See, Hear, Taste, Touch!

From Denis Hickey’s book, How To Make A Woman Happy, (A guide for men).

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