Money Control.


Money Controls.  

What can we, current slaves of the money culture, do to free ourselves and our children?  

Money controls easily because it has its own language and culture, and the average person finds that particular language tedious and confusing to learn.  In the Western world we have printed or are printing literally tons of money. They call this printing: increasing the money supply, a term meaning absolutely nothing to average Joe. He thinks: “Let someone who knows about money speak to that problem!”

That kind of thinking led to the long-running housing fraud in which people conversant in the language of money went unnoticed and rewarded. They stole it really, like taking candy from a baby. Who suffered? Average Joe! What did he know? Average Joe bought a house he couldn’t afford, got laid off working in the building trade, pulled out of the stock market and didn’t get back in when it rose because he didn’t want to risk again. Senior Joes watched interest rates on their CDs along with their income dive because the government needed to stoke the business fires and keep Federal deficits under control.

When the twin towers went down, President Bush in his TV address urged Americans to Buy! Buy! Buy! to show terrorists they can’t stop American progress or culture. Bush spoke of the philosophy of Muchism: too much credit, too much advertising, too much food, too much of everything.

Ask yourself what Christ or Buddha or Muhammad would think of too-muchism? Muhammad believed materialism shifted the emphasis from family and children to possessions. Christ and Buddha would probably say: “Happiness is giving away much of what you have to live simply.”

However, if we follow the advice of these masters, business would crash. Those in control need us to buy and we need jobs. I like having things –  car, computer, i-Phone, nice clothes… I also enjoy freedom from debt that comes from living simply. My mom, who suffered through the Great Depression, advised: you can minimize your spending and still enjoy life.

What can we current slaves of the money culture do to free ourselves and our children? Answer: Educate yourself and your children to control your available funds and live within your means.

Commit these anti-economic-slavery concepts to memory:

  • Live simply.
  • Spend within your means,
  • Work out a weekly budget utilizing concepts a and b. When you run out of money for the week, eat soup.
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