Visions – How visions work. (Excerpt from “The Traveler”)

A vision is that portion of a dream that is uncluttered, recurrent, and deals strictly with the future.

I met Barney 20 years ago in Anjuna Beach, India, a little town that reminded me of my childhood – oak trees and the smell of roasting nuts. Breakfasting on porridge, roasted bananas, and mango Lassie at an open-air café overlooking the ocean, a tall gangling young man sauntered over and said: “The names Barney, mate.”

As with other travelers I met, our conversation quickly bound us together.

At one point Barney asked,”You believe dreams come true, squire?”

“I think dreams and visions are live energy fields created over eons by people who have a passion for the same desire,” I answered, later adding: “It’s been just 40 years since the invention of the integrated circuit. We’ve just scratched the surface of energy. It manifests itself in radio waves, electricity and force fields like planets and plants – or humans. What we know is a nit at the end of a dogs tail compared to a thousand years from now.”

“… So you think visions are alive!” Barney said, “What a delicious concept.” We paused listening to crickets nearly drowning out the pounding sea.

Then we discussed Silicon Valley visions, our bodies as hosts for multiple spirits, energy that seems like coincidence, and habits to change. “I know this from personal experience,” I said, “if a person focuses their passion long enough on a simply stated vision, they can achieve it!”

Barney exploded in thought. ”Check this out, dude, let’s say desire creates energy compatible with an existing force field, which itself is created by other people with that same desire! Too many desires dissipate or scatter energy. But let’s suppose that to achieve a vision, the desire needs to be simple and focused. For example, when I was 12 I knew I could train my mind to levitate, but decided it would take a bloody lifetime and I had other desires. I couldn’t focus. In order to make a vision come true, we need to focus, to the extent the desire dominates our life.”

“That’s exactly how entrepreneurs think.”

“Cheers. Now let’s say for discussion’s sake, that our lives can have as many doorways leading to our future as we have desires. If we focus on a particular desire, it becomes a vision that reduces the number of possible doorways to walk through.”

“And the doorways lead in the same direction!”

“Spot on!” Barney said. Now, how do multiple personalities or spirits fit into the equation? Assuming you and I have one dominant spirit with its own set of talents, then multiple spirits living together within us would have a smorgasbord of talents. It makes perfect sense to me that the spirit inside your host body with the talent to achieve a particular vision would dominate the others.”

“Or they would work together to achieve a common goal.”

“So, squire, to get it sorted out and put the puzzle together, let’s say that focus on a particular vision taps the spirit within our host body, among many spirits perhaps, that has the talent to achieve this particular vision. That spirit becomes the CEO whose own focus illuminates doorways in life leading to the vision’s energy field. Thus connecting the CEO to the power of the vision?”

“… So practically speaking… the secret of changing habits, then, is to visualize who you want to be and practice being that person. The energy will lead us to the right doors.”

“Change the energy, change the person.” Barney said.

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