Fields and Dreams: The Backpacking Executive

When I left San Francisco and my old life, I was naive about backpacking and nervous about how I would spend my time. Judgmental and cynical, I was also sophisticated in understanding the workings of organizations and people’s minds, and excelled at asking penetrating questions to find the story. I had been on the leading […]

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My Friend, John Flynn

As the small plane rose above the African Savannah in Zimbabwe, and banked northeast towards Harare, my mind shifted back to another plane-ride during my short stay in New York, just before leaving for Africa. I found myself snatching glimpses of the recent past to mix with the present, perhaps because my mind didn’t have […]

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“Save Your Mom!”

After the short one day visit to the in-laws, I rented a car and drove three hours to Frank Zolfo’s in Kinnelon, New Jersey. The storm had temporarily abated. Flurries and calm. Alerts were out for the next day. When I arrived at Franks, we had a delightful dinner talking about my upcoming travels. I […]

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Brief Stopover in Binghamton

The tension wasn’t over! After landing we took a bus from Scranton to Binghamton. That ride was equally perilous. But as dangerous as snowy roads can be, ground is better than air. Needless to say, since I am writing this account, I made it to Binghamton. There my two brothers-in-law, Mike and Joe, waited. And […]

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Work stress

Work Stress: As One Door Closes….

If you have read the introduction to the book on the homepage you will have read a story of one man’s public meltdown. Many people look for ‘signs’ to guide their life. For some it is synchronicity; a chance meeting; a crossed line on the telephone that leads to romance and marriage, or missing that […]

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When is enough?

How much is enough?

I had this dream when I was very young. I would have a great family, and enough money so that nobody can pull my strings. Sixteen words! Enough to carry around. Short enough to drive a vision. It was a very ambitious vision as it turned out. Being great at anything is such a life-dominant […]

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plane ride

Plane Ride

California to New York “No problem,” the smug passenger service agent said. “It’s not snowing in New York. Flying should be just fine, even though the plane is not a jet like you expected.” I recalled his words as our propeller driven plane circled the Scranton, PA airport at 9 PM, amidst brutal storm clouds. […]

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Montaigne said about traveling…

“…the mind is constantly stimulated by observing new and unknown things. No propositions astonish me; no belief offends me, however much opposed to my own.” Frank Zolfo said, “it’s about living in a bigger box.” Traveling! How many of my initial judgments and biases about issues or other travelers were revealed to be wrong, or […]

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